Press Release Natural Gas for Europe: Security and Partnership- Sofia, 24- 25 April 2009 Natural Gas for Europe: Security and Partnership- Sofia, 24- 25 April 2009
Bulgaria’s initiative to organise a summit on NATURAL GAS FOR EUROPE SECURITY AND PARTNERSHIP resulted from the intensified dialogue between Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov and heads of state from the Caspian region and Central Asia for the past two years. Those discussions demonstrated that partnership between key producers, transit countries, and consumers should be encouraged by meaningful dialogue on the highest level involving all stakeholders.
‌  Invitations to the Sofia Summit were extended to 28 countries from South-East Europe, the Black Sea region and the Caspian region, Central Asia, European Union Member States that are directly involved in the development of the Southern Gas Corridor, the USA, Russia, the EU Presidency, and the European Commission.
‌  The Sofia Summit will practically follow up on the Second Strategic Energy Review debate with the benefit of involving significant present and future energy suppliers.
‌  The goal of this Summit will be to engage the EU’s primary energy partners in a dialogue on the EU energy security approach. Accordingly, EU Member States will become aware of the political will of producers and transit countries to satisfy their interests in line with the proposed new EU Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan.
‌  Bulgaria would propose a discussion on the economic and political context of the EU’s growing natural gas needs. One topical task in this context would be developing what the EC refers to as the new generation of energy interdependence provisions with the partners of the European Union.
France stand on the summit attracted attention in particular- more below:
‌  The business part of the Summit is planned to discuss trends, principles, and policies to enhance Europe’s energy security and some natural gas projects that are key to the area of South Europe. is the only authorised official source for information about this meeting with international importance. 

Parliament of Republic of Bulgaria covered this important topic in its weekly newsletter number 16 from 27th of April 2009